Fact 06.06.2021

Me timeπŸ₯°

Their is nothing much better than delighting you eye from the sunrise with every sip of your favourite tea or coffee..


Facts 05.06.2021

An artist takes his precious time and made the best creation as much as she could but it wasn’t so praised but randomly she made a creation of silly things and it was got so praised that she had never imagined of..

Just an example of an unexpected event. Life throws things to you when you expect the least..

Life doesn’t go accordingly to your plan it’s just work as a roller coaster..What you scared off it happens most of the time with you and what you except it doesn’t happens to you…

Too much fun.. Enjoy it


Quit my Job

I am on a way to

quit my Job,

It’s not all I wanted for me

I hate my current Job

Yes I seriously do,

I am lost in an

unknown miserable planet

my chair is away from

everyone else desk

So I am alone during

the whole time,

can’t have some chill time

which called as a break

with anyone..

I feel exhausted,


drain of energy and

literally suffocated inside.

It is driving my

Creativity, Productivity

and Happiness away..

I am losing my soul,

courage and confidence.

Now It’s all about just

paying my Rent and Bills

only and nothing else

If I get any opportunity

today, I am ready to quit now

Will not think again a little bit

willingly or forcefully

you need to do stuffs in life

which slowly steals

your motivation from life

and you behave frustrated

annoyed and irritated

Over such little things,

it seems so big that

Actually it is doesn’t so big

I even behave badly

with people & colleagues

and later feel bad about it

as deep inside, I feel that

I am not this kind of person

I easily get mad

over stupid things..

My whole life I was

searching for my passion

and the time,

when I found it,

and wanted to

actually do it full time

which is my utmost desire

of life, Life has messed up

Now I have decided

to get over all this trauma

and to be so financially

independent that I can give

my 100% time to

my productivity & creativity

and attain to my

highest potential

to explore my

True self and Discover

The true meaning

Of my Life

If you ever felt this same trauma in your life please let me know in the comment box.