Waiting For this moment from Long time… Because 500 Views taken almost a year to complete and 1K taken 2 weeks after it…

Feeling So Good… Its Not a Achievement…….. Instead It’s an Inspirational Journey to do better things in life….

Thank you to all the viewers……

You all are my Inspiration..❤️❤️


Being Creative #1

Learning through Art

Although I am not a Painter, But I enjoy painting, sketching and drawing a lot since from my childhood..as my mom is very good in painting..

My Mother is my Greatest Inspiration…❤️

Things Painting Gives me in Return

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Peaceful Mind
  • Color Sync
  • Observation
  • Learning New skills
  • Self clarity
  • Happiness
  • Deep Talks with Self😁

3 Step Process


Hey!! It’s My Birthday Today🤩🥳

Good morning to everyone…

I Hope to Make this time the Best of All my time…

With Lots of motivation..,


Goal and Aim..,

And lots of dream,

Yet to be achieved..

I am beginning my Journey..

Please Take care of you all, god bless to you all from me and my family…❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lust a desire. (🔞adult content)

Blood stimulating all over the body

feels like high volt current

deep inside,

daisyness in the mind

shivering body in the chilled

sweat emerging from whole body

nerves are faster than ever

sleep over engulfing my eyes

but unable to sleep

because of the current flowing

touching me slowly

holding me passionately close

smelling your body

touching your hairs and lips

I like them most

Let’s talk infinite

I urge you to touch my soul

Once again….

©by Deep Talks

Image Source Pixels